Maxim O&G

Maxim is a vertical, steel fire tube storage water heater with a power combustion burner. It combines medium to high recovery capacity and storage in a small footprint. Efficiency: 83% Inputs: 400 to 1700 MBH Storage: 125 to 250 Gal. Key Features: Durable, steel, vertical fire tube design with copper clad tubes, up to a [ . . . ]  Full Description »

Turbopower O&G

Turbopower is a fire tube, semi-instantaneous or storage water heater featuring a two-pass, submerged heat exchanger that bolts to the tank and is completely removeable; providing unequalled field accessibility and maintainability of both the exchanger and the tank. Efficiency: 83 % Inputs: 200 to 3200 MBH Storage: 150 to 4500 Gal. Key Features: Removeable 2-pass [ . . . ]  Full Description »