ProFire-XL Series

The ProFire-XL series burners feature a unique and precise air-metering system which permits accurate air-to-fuel settings for maximum combustion efficiency. Suitable for large firetube and watertube applications, the XL series is offered in two standard configurations- vertical and horizontal. Vertical configurations support capacities ranging from 37.8 to 63.0 MMBTU, and horizontal configurations support capacities from [ . . . ]  Full Description »

ProFire-S1 Series

The ProFire-S1 series burners use a true forced-draft design to deliver rated capacities against a wide range of furnace pressures. The S1 series is suitable for firetube and watertube boiler applications. The standard S1 series offers natural gas, propane gas, air-atomized #2 or #6 oil and combination gas/oil fuel options from 46.2 to 63.0 MMBTU. [ . . . ]  Full Description »

ProFire-E Series

The ProFire-E series burners provide increased efficiency with low pressure drop firing head design and low blower motor horsepower requirement. Suitable for firetube, firebox, and watertube boilers; the E series features a low pressure drop firing head design and low blower motor horsepower requirement for increase efficiencies. Advanced technology allows the E series to offer [ . . . ]  Full Description »

ProFire-D Series

The ProFire-D series forced draft design allows for trouble-free and superior efficiency across a wide range of applications. The true forced draft design of the burners allows for trouble-free operation and superior efficiency across a wide range of applications. A backward-curved impeller ensures adequate combustion air for exceptional performance at various furnace pressures and high-altitude [ . . . ]  Full Description »

NATCOM Fuel Train

NATCOM offers pre-assembled piping systems for a wide range of gaseous and liquid fuel applications. We provide fuel trains that precisely and repeatedly meter the fuel flow to your specific burner application. Our design team has in-depth experience with diverse fuel compositions, fuel supply conditions, and burner arrangements. Refinery gas, hydrogen, landfill, digester gas, tail [ . . . ]  Full Description »

NATCOM Retrofit Burner

NATCOM offers a full line of high-efficiency, ultra-low-emissions burners and control systems to comply with new emissions standards, add an alternative fuel source, or replace an obsolete burner system. Our low-emissions technology addresses the strictest air permit regulations and fuel burning requirements with custom systems engineered to meet the project specifications. Our retrofit systems are [ . . . ]  Full Description »

NATCOM Duct Burner

NATCOM’s duct burner technology ensures the lowest levels of NOx, CO, VOC, and PM emissions available, even in the most challenging service conditions. NATCOM is the only duct burner supplier to offer a complete system with an innovative duct burner solution for the cogeneration and combined cycle markets. Our innovative flame stabilizer system with a [ . . . ]  Full Description »

NATCOM Utility Burner

Years of experience and expertise allow NATCOM to meet the rigorous standards of the utility industry. Our proven Utility Burner systems provide solutions for new emissions requirements, fuel conversions, and retrofit upgrades in industrial, utility, and power boiler facilities. By optimizing the combustion air distribution and fuel mixing dynamics using proprietary CFD software, NATCOM-patented HyperMix™ [ . . . ]  Full Description »

NATCOM Specialty Burner Systems

NATCOM specializes in the supply of custom-engineered burner systems for the thermal processing industry. Each burner system is designed to ensure process applications will perform to the highest possible efficiency and lowest overall emissions. The perfect burner solution for industrial drying, air heating, or thermal oxidizing processes. These custom systems feature cutting-edge engineering, system modeling, [ . . . ]  Full Description »

NATCOM NXT Burner Systems

NATCOM’s NXT burner is a unique packaged burner system for new boilers and retrofit markets. These burners use advanced CFD modeling, and are equipped with advanced NATCOM design features, including adjustable gas injectors, Class-III igniters, atomizers with coupling block valves, industrial-grade pneumatic actuators, and 4-20mA positioners. The NXT product line features heavy-duty fan construction to [ . . . ]  Full Description »