The ProFire-MTH burner is designed for process heating applications such as thermal fluid systems and hot oil heating. The standard MTH series includes full modulation with parallel positioning and offers natural gas and propane gas from 2.5 to 16.0 MM BTU per hour. The MTH has a rugged fecralloy alloy fiber material combustion element with [ . . . ]  Full Description »


The ProFire-NTH series are low-CO performing burners designed for cast iron, firebox, firetube, and watertube boilers. The NTH burner operates on natural gas, propane gas, propane/air mix, or a combination of gas/oil fuels at capacities ranging from 1.5 to 12.5 MMBTU. Design features induced FGR and FGR modulating valve. 1.5 to 12.5 MMBTU input range [ . . . ]  Full Description »

ProFire-M Series

The ProFire-M series of burners are designed for a wide range of applications such as boilers, heaters, furnaces, kilns, and dryers. M series models are offered in natural gas, propane and combination gas/oil fuel options from 1.4 to 10.5 MMBTU. Full modulation and cam trim adjustment provide optimum performance to meet load demand. A backward-curved [ . . . ]  Full Description »

ProFire-V Series

The ProFire-V series burners boast an aerodynamic air-damper design which permits accurate air-to-fuel settings for maximum combustion efficiency. Suitable for firetube, watertube, firebox and cast iron boilers, the standard V series offers natural gas, propane gas, pressure atomized #2 oil and combination gas/oil fuel options from 1.3 to 16.8 MMBTU. The low NOx V series [ . . . ]  Full Description »