C1X Economizer

The C1X Condensing Economizer saves fuel by preheating virtually any cool liquid stream (make-up water, wash water, hot water preheating, process, etc.), by capturing waste heat from a boiler stack. The C1X has individual fin tubes compression-fitted to the liquid manifold for ease of tube replacementrequiring no welding. It increases the amount of heat recovered [ . . . ]  Full Description »

C2X Economizer

The C2X 2-Stage Condensing Economizer captures heat through both a traditional stack economizer section and a condensing section. Can be utilized on boilers up to 2,200 HP. The lower section of the economizer recovers energy by preheating the boiler feedwater. The upper section preheats virtually any coll liquid stream (make-up water, wash water, hot water [ . . . ]  Full Description »