Modular HRSG

Cleaver-Brooks modular, natural circulation HRSGs are designed specifically for larger gas flows and single or multiple pressure levels to optimize system efficiency. Cleaver-Brooks’ Energy Recovery International Modular HRSGs are designed to accommodate exhaust from > 15 MWe combustion gas turbines. The Modular HRSG is designed with maximum shop assembly which minimizes field erection time and [ . . . ]  Full Description »


Cleaver-Brooks Slant and VC model heat recovery steam generators feature natural circulation and are tailored to applications with gas-side inlet temperature less than 1,750°F. This model offers an integral steam drum for a single-pressure design. The slant model HRSG has the steam and water (mud) drum positioned diagonally, providing a compact and efficient method of [ . . . ]  Full Description »


The Cleaver-Brooks exclusive Max-Flow boiler incorporates water-cooled membrane, furnace-wall construction with a balanced circulation and integral or external finned-tube economizer section for maximum heat transfer. Energy Recovery offers heat recovery from gas turbine exhaust, process furnaces, and other heat sources for water, glycol, and thermal oil fluid heaters. This creates a highly efficient, shop-assembled package. [ . . . ]  Full Description »


The Cleaver-Brooks Max-Fire boiler is a single shop assembled package heat recovery steam generator that combines a natural circulation design with a waterwall gas seal-in. The Max-Fire Series is offered in the “A-frame” and “O-frame” boilers. The “A-frame” offering has two water drums typically 24” in diameter, while the “O-frame” has a single water drum [ . . . ]  Full Description »