For 50 years now, Matco’s technical team has offered you its services for all makes of boilers and boiler room accessories. Our team and impressive inventory of parts are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No matter which make of boiler you own, contact the finest boiler and boiler room accessories specialists, you can trust them to find the solution to your needs.

Services Available 24/7

  • • Technical service for oil, gas, bio-gas & hydrogen.
  • • Contractual periodical inspections.
  • • Contractual monthly preventive maintenance.
  • • Annual water & fire side boiler cleaning.
    (Acid treatment available)
  • • Refractory repair or replacement.
    (front & rear doors, baffle & dry furnace tiles)
  • • Tube repair or replacement.
  • • Electric motor repair or replacement.
  • • Motor & impeller balancing, etc.
  • • Supply and installation of stacks and breeching.
    (Backed by 15 year warranty, a first in the industry)
  • • Supply and installation of the Level Master water-control system.
  • • Supply and installation of Fuel Air Ratio Controllers.
    (Parallel Positioning Control)
  • • Supply and installation of >fuel conversion kits.
    (alternative fuel systems)
  • • Supply and installation of high turndown burners.
    (“turndown” of 10:1 for gas & of 8:1 for #2 oil)
  • • Adjustment of combustion with electronic analyzer.
    (burner fine tuning / combustion tests)
  • • Supply and installation of IFGR systems (Low NOx Packages).
    (combustion gas recirculation system, and reduction in emissions of nitrogen oxide)
  • • Supply and installation of computerized boiler control systems.
    (High performance (remote) CB110E, CB780 &CB-HAWK ICS)
  • • Supply and installation of O2 Trim Systems.